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          Bishop Timon - WNY Catholic School - 学者




                                                                 emelia凯恩                                                        丹尼斯ISSA 

          The Language Other than 英语 (LOTE) Department consists of three languages; Spanish, Latin & Mandarin Chinese. Two consecutive years of study of Spanish or Latin are required and a third optional year will result in a New York State Regents credit for the course. Mandarin Chinese is an elective offered to students in their junior or senior year.

          • 西班牙语I
          • 西班牙语(二)
          • 西班牙三种试剂
          • 西班牙四
          • 拉丁文I
          • 拉丁II
          • 拉丁III试剂
          • 拉美四
          • 介绍普通话我
          • 柑橘II

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