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          716.826.3610 |传真:(716)824-5833 | 601麦金利大路|纽约州布法罗市14220-1547
          Bishop Timon - WNY Catholic School - 学者


          系主任: 汤姆·乔伊斯


          The 社会研究 Department is committed to fostering an understanding of the social and cultural developments which have shaped the global environment throughout history. Towards that end, we offer a variety of courses including Global History & Geography and United States History & 政府. Both of these courses conform to the New York State Regents guidelines, preparing students for the state-mandate exams at the conclusion of each. An Advanced Placement course in United States 历史 is also offered, affording students the opportunity to earn credits which can be applied to college requirements. Various senior-level electives including 经济学 are also available.


          • 全球研究9种试剂
          • 全球研究9个荣誉
          • 全球研究10种试剂
          • 全球研究10个摄政荣誉
          • 我们。历史/政府试剂
          • 我们。历史/政府荣誉
          • 先进的安置美国历史
          • 先进的安置世界历史
          • 政府
          • 经济学
          • 伊利社区学院刑事司法
          • Erie 社区 College Crime & Society
          • 历史 of Rock & Roll
          • 内战
          • 现在发生的事

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